Professional Headshots: Brandis

Brandis is a tremendously talented actress and singer. You may recognize her from starring in local productions such as Romeo and Juliet and Exit the King. Her voice is incredible and she has aspirations to be an opera singer after completing college. There is no doubt in my mind that someday in the not-too-distant future we will see her on stage singing among the greats.

Class of 19: Kenzie's Blue Knob Senior Photos

It’s always an adventure with Kenzie.

Our first session we may or may not have illegally crashed a sunflower patch. This time we faced dense fog and ice which made for slippery roads and then as it melted, it pelted the car like huge chucks of hail. The ice also, at one point as Kenzie was posing among snowy trees, attacked her. But it was worth it. It was truly the most PERFECT day. It started out with fog and ice covered trees and then the clouds broke and gave way to beautiful blue skies.

Kenzie has such a bright future ahead of her that will no doubt be filled with amazing opportunities. It will be exciting to see where her path leads her in life.


In her own words: Boudoir with Miss H

“My boudoir experiences with Susan have always been very comfortable and a lot of fun. She’s very passionate about what she does and never once made me feel like it was a staged or robot experience. She’s always down to try new poses or open to any ideas that you bring! My very first boudoir I was very body conscious and had no idea what I was doing, Susan was very comforting and made the experience a very memorable and joy-able one for me. She asked me right off the bat if there was any body parts I loved and didn’t like so she could help me show off the ones I did love. It was such a great overall experience the first time around that I have since done 2 more boudoir shoots with her and will continue to do more with her. I have found my photographer for life .” - Miss H

Refuge Youth Network: Headshots

It’s so awesome to help out other local businesses and organizations with their photo needs. And It’s really great when they want to do something a little quirky, hip, and outside the box. This shoot was Refuge Youth Network was a blast!

Do you know about RYN? If not here is a little bit about what they do…

Refuge Youth Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Altoona, PA with the mission of creating a youth culture based on the love of Jesus Christ. We provide students spiritual direction and social support through our after school and summer programming, and youth ministries at three campuses across Blair County. Our ministry is focused on serving the next generation of believers and expanding the kingdom of God past the confines of our community. We reach out to youth, and train up campus leaders through coaching, mentorship, and lesson plans. Our goal is to expand our reach to youth to lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We continue expanding our campuses and programming through the following:


Refuge is intentional about reaching students where they are. Whether it is the local football game or the skate park, Refuge Youth Network is there. Our leadership is intentional on being with the students in their community.


Our three campuses offer students and leadership a place to engage with one another. The youth ministries give foundational teaching of the Word of God and often times leads into very deep conversations.


We provide: Fishing Club, Wild Ones (outdoor adventure trips), Crash Leadership Team, Community Mentorship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a Girls-Only Program is just the beginning of the roots we are building to further grow our students.

Check out their website: and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Lifestyle Children's Portraits: Lucia and Gulia

Let them be little

because they are only that way for awhile.

Give them hope, give them praise,

give them love everyday.

Let them cry, let them giggle,

let them sleep in the middle.

Oh, just let them be little.