Hollidaysburg Family Session: The Peters

I swear my friends and family all have the cutest and best kids. And I'm not just saying that because I'm 110% biased, but I think the proof is in photos, such as these of cutie patootie Kaden!

I have no idea how this little bundle of love is one already. But Kaden is the sweetest boy. He loves other kids so much. And he is curious about everything. I feel though that he is this quiet old soul and is just taking in the world around him because he always has this stoic expression about him. That is until you sing the Polar Bear rhyme from his favorite story, then he is all giggles and smiles. Bubbles also seem to have that affect. And when he sees another little one about his size.

This shoot was tons of fun. We had trucks (both real and toy!!) and balloons and books and SO MUCH CAKE! It was phenomenal!

It's been a pleasure watching Kaden grow and I can't wait to see where life with take him!