Altoona Community Theatre: Steel Magnolias 80's GLAM!

When Emily Evey was choosen as the director of ACT’s upcoming production of Steel Magnolias she came to me with this crazy, brilliant idea of doing retro 80’s glam portraits to adorn the walls of Truvy’s salon and in the program. She wanted to give the people working hard behind the scenes a place to shine on stage. I was totally, 110% down for this.

When I entered the rehearsal hall the day of our session I thought I was stepping back in time. The blue eye shadow, the power pink lips, and the cloud of hair spray; it was perfection. Some of the pieces of wardrobe the girls were able to pull from seemed very familiar. I’m pretty sure I owned a belt I saw in the pile as well as some slap bracelets. This shoot was so much fun and I can’t wait to go to the dress rehearsal this week and capture the show! Based on the fun we had with the portraits, I know the show is one you won’t want to miss!