Fox Hollow Boutique Anniversary Winner

Fox Hollow Boutique, one of my favorite stores on 11th Ave, celebrated their one year anniversary this past spring. To kick off the event they had amazing swag bags for the first few people to enter the store that morning. They had so many amazing prizes from a ton of the local businesses. I contributed an entire session and I was so psyched when I saw that the winner was one of Fox Hollow’s biggest fans, Caroline. She loves the store so much that she and her family actually had chairs and camped out by the door early that morning to be sure they were the first ones in. It makes me so happy to see people so excited and loving our local businesses!

Her shoot was amazing. She had an entourage of family with her, who, as we were walking the streets of Downtown, were telling me all about its history. They had lots of amazing stories from when Downtown was THE place to be and they were happy to see a resurgence to the area.