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Commercial Photography: Love It LaVintage

This past October on a chilly day, I did a fun commercial shoot that was a collaboration with Love It LaVintage (rentals and gown), Kranich’s Jewelers (the engagement rings we got to use were STUNNING), Peterman’s Florist (flowers), Designs by Kristina (jewelry), Andrea Sirois Hair and Makeup Artist, and a canoe that a good friend let us borrow (thanks Elizabeth and Lucas!). Be sure to check out these businesses and give them some local love and support. And a HUGE shout out and lots of love to our model for the day Kristen Gray for tolerating the cold wind so well.


Commercial Shoot: Conapalooza with Kandi Kaht

I LOVE working with Kandi Kaht. It’s been a minute since we have had a chance to shoot anything together, so I was over the moon when she landed a modeling gig with Conapalooza! They sent us a shirt for her to model and really let it up to us what direction to take with it. So naturally we did a little bit of everything.

If you happen to be in the Kingsport, TN between October 12-14th you’ll have to check out the con. They have a great line up planned. Check it out by clicking here.


Commercial Shoot: Mattress by Appointment

Working with local businesses is my jam! I love finding fun and creative ways to help their business, product, and/or services be seen in a new way.

When Kathy reached out to me about helping her capture her business, Mattress by Appointment. I admit it, I was stumped at first. But I love a good challenge and wanted to find a way to showcase the amazing mattresses that she has for sale for insanely low prices. Kathy does a great job already of filming her inventory as it arrives and sharing the stories of happy customers. So I aimed for a more lifestyle approach, showing how people will use their mattress in every day life. Working with models we showed life at home with your mattress doing simple things like eating breakfast in bed, reading a book, chatting on your phone, or painting your toes. We even worked in some fun puppy snuggles and play time! Oh and there was this one super cute model who loved jumping on the bed (hmm…wonder who that could be). We still have more we want to shoot, but I think this is a great start to help Kathy add some great content to her business’ social media!

And while I have your attention click here to give Kathy’s page some love and pop in to her business when you want a superior mattress at wholesale price!


PSU Arboretum: Annette Model Session

So, true story...

This beautiful woman contacted me via Instagram to setup a fashion/modeling session. Looking at her feed and her followers, I thought it was a scam. Here is this awesome person who has done some amazing work with insanely talented photographers, all over the place,  and she wants to work with me? It couldn't be true. I saw we had a mutual friend in common so I did ask if my friend knew her and she did. Turns out it was totally legit and  she really did want to work with me while on a trip back to her old Alum, Penn State. I was sooooo excited (once I knew it wasn't a scam LOL) and we got to planning the perfect outfit for her to model.

We spent the morning shooting at the Arboretum which I had never, previously been to. It was GORGEOUS and a photographer's dream. Even though we were competing with sweltering heat and bright, direct sun, I think we captured a lot of beautiful images to enhance our portfolios. Annette was an out of this world model, knocking out poses and angles left and right. We captured so many photos! It was one of my favorite fashion/modeling shoots to date. It was also refreshing to work and talk with someone who is familiar with industry and hear about her experiences working with a number of photographers.

I loved this session Annette, and sincerely hope I get the opportunity to shoot with her again! Maybe I'll even get to tag along sometime to one of the music fests she attends! That would be a dream come true!


Go give her a follow on Instagram: @Angel.Annette

Commercial Photography: Fox Hollow Boutique Back to School

I love love LOVE working with Fox Hollow Boutique who also just happen to be my 11th Ave neighbors in Downtown Altoona.

We have done several shoots together, but this session was by far my favorite. We had not one, not two, but THREE spirited, beautiful models to work with. We ran and jumped (literally) all over the downtown area. With all the PSU Altoona students returning to campus we worked with back to school fashions (seriously, where was FHB when I was in school?!) We created stylish, chic images that will create an amazing look book for the boutique.

These photos and clothes have me totally ready for fall. I can smell pumpkin spice!  Speaking of, shout out to The Clay Cup for hooking us up with some coffee cups to use for our sesh.

If you haven't yet been to Fox Hollow, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO! Now! Put your phone down, stop reading and scrolling through the blog, and go treat yourself!!!! You'll thank me later!


Models: Mia, Andrea, and Catherine