Fantasy Session: Annabeth + Olivia

Being an aunt to two beautiful little girls has a lot of perks. I think my favorite is having two little buddies to play dress-up and take photos with.

My sister-in-law reached out to me about doing some photos of the girls when they came home for a few weeks this summer. I asked her if she would be open to something more creative and not the standard portrait. She was totally game and immediately started sending me dresses she could order for the girls along with coordinating flower crowns. We created this concept together of the girls interacting with a magical bird to reflect the tattoo my sister has in honor of her family. We decided that each girl should have her own separate, fantasy image, but when put side by side, would work beautifully together. We also of course took a few portraits that captured the beauty and sweetness of my nieces.

This is the kind of stuff I LOVE to do and create. It's the best thing in the world to dream up something fantastical and then bring it to life. Please enjoy!