In Her Own Words: Miss D's Boudoir Session

“I had my first boudoir session back in February. Because of Susan and the amazing work she does I’ve never felt more beautiful. She is an amazingly talented photographer and a wonderful cheerleader. I felt so comfortable with her and not a bit nervous, which I thought I would be. It’s a bit of a workout, who knew poseing for a few hours could be so strenuous. I did this photo shoot for my husband for all his support through the years, but I did it for me too. I feel very different today than I did before my shoot. My confidence is through the roof. I feel stronger and more empowered. I really do. All thanks to Susan. I can’t wait to do it again. If you’ve been on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot because your not self confident or you think your not pretty enough. Just do it. You won’t be sorry. Everyone is beautiful in there own way and Susan can show you the way. “ - Miss D

In her own words: Boudoir with Miss N

“I have always allowed myself to feel lesser than when I thought about my body. I decided, with the help of supportive friends and the amazing man in my life, to be done with comparing myself to others and to love the body I'm inhabiting. To honor the struggles it's seen me through and the happiness it's helping me create in my life. Susan has created an atmosphere in her studio where it's safe to let your guard down and just be yourself. What she captures within her photos is the true spirit of the woman you are....the sensuous and sexy that lives within you, and the smile that is your trademark. It's all there for you to see and it's a beautiful, inspirational, and empowering process. I can't wait for my next session! If you're on the fence, take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. You won't regret letting Susan capture those moments! “ - Miss N

In her own words: Boudoir with Miss H

“My boudoir experiences with Susan have always been very comfortable and a lot of fun. She’s very passionate about what she does and never once made me feel like it was a staged or robot experience. She’s always down to try new poses or open to any ideas that you bring! My very first boudoir I was very body conscious and had no idea what I was doing, Susan was very comforting and made the experience a very memorable and joy-able one for me. She asked me right off the bat if there was any body parts I loved and didn’t like so she could help me show off the ones I did love. It was such a great overall experience the first time around that I have since done 2 more boudoir shoots with her and will continue to do more with her. I have found my photographer for life .” - Miss H