Halloween BOOdoir: Miss R

Is anyone else getting some serious Madonna or Debbie Harry vibes from this wicked Halloween BOOdoir mini session?

Miss R SLAYED her shoot. These images are to die for (here I go again with the Halloween puns and references…I can’t help it). She looks SPOOK-tacular and sexy as hell! Enjoy these few favs of mine!


Halloween BOOdoir: Miss A

The lady is a vamp!

Have you ever seen a more FANG-tastic session? These images are definitely hot enough to wake the dead! (how many Halloween puns and references can I fit into a blog?!). But seriously, this session from my Halloween Boudoir minis was EVERYTHING. I had a blast working with Miss A and her photos are stunning. Enjoy these few favs.


Grin Gallery Contest

Oh how I have missed doing shoots that are artistic, creative, wild, and weird.

When I saw that Grin Gallery was holding a competition for local photographers, I knew that this was my opportunity to tap back into that artsy fartsy side. I reached out to my friend/model/makeup artist/hair stylist/amazing human bean Andrea to see if she was up for doing something different. She of course was totally game so we set a day to spitball ideas. The day of our brain storming session she had a fab idea to add in her friend Nikki. And so we met and over drinks and yummy food at the Knick our plan began to emerge.

As we were tossing ideas around from Renaissance styles to fish people, I finally asked how Andrea and Nikki became friends. Their tale is most unusual, but to make a long story short, their friendship spun from a disastrous relationship full of heartache, disloyalty, broken trust, and emotional torment. After hearing their story I knew we had to work with it.

So while these images might be shocking and a bit disturbing, they tell these two ladies tale in a very artistic way. Plus, with Halloween right around the corner, why not find a reason to use fake blood and an anatomical heart.

The first image in this series is the one I submitted to the contest. You can see it on display November 10th and vote for it during the first part of the evening. For more information on the event click here.